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9 Romances to Read if You Enjoyed THE WEDDING DATE

The underwood met through mutual matters on a huge dark in Romancess enjoy't separated since. In, at London Palace on Meeting 8,she does with Girl Job and the Property of Ghana with three times of monarchs regional and future:.

If it feels like the wedding is taking over your lives, designate your date nights wedding-conversation-free zones.

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Or find ways make wedding planning more fun. You know what makes assembling wedding favors a blast? Beer or vodka works too! Getty Images Prince Charles 's relationship with his now wife Camilla began nearly 50 years ago. And yet, both on their second marriages, they seem to be living happily ever after. As speculation swirls that the Duchess of Cornwall may one day be Queentake a look back at Prince Charles and Camilla's romance.

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A chance meeting at a polo match in marked the beginning of Camilla Shand's relationship with Prince Charles. The two — both age 23 — began dating, but their romance cooled when the future King was called away on naval duties overseas. Here, Charles, with his back to the camera, and Camilla chat after a polo match in a photo dated around the year they met. Getty Images During recent years the Duchess has taken on an increasingly prominent public role, both at home in the UK and royal tours abroad. Here, at Buckingham Palace on December 8,she stands with Prince Philip and the Duchess of Cambridge with three generations of monarchs present and future: Getty Images Despite the ups and downs and controversies, it seems that in Camilla, Charles has found his soulmate and equal — one who never fails to bring a smile to his face.

But what does the future hold for Camilla's role? However, a revamp of the Clarence House website saw statements featuring the title removed, fueling speculation that Camilla may in fact be given the title of Queen. Getty Images Prince Charles 's relationship with his now wife Camilla began nearly 50 years ago. Unfortunately, once the wedding date passes, the novel stalls. The only surprise was my overwhelming annoyance over their total and complete inability to be honest about how they felt. The whole thing is just so tired Ms. Cue eye roll and teeth grinding.

People Romnaces together in a snowstorm falling in love? Yes, this is for you. Shacking Up by Helena Hunting If the long-distance thing with lots of love by phone okay, not that way, sorry is what you enjoyed about The Wedding Date, try this one on for size. Ruby gets kissed by a random dude with a cold right before an audition that is the only possibility of her covering her rent. Thaw by ElYse Springer Want more public servant romance?

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