Pros and cons of liquidating a company

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The Downside to Liquidation

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In some of the worst circumstances this may lead to bankruptcy. Please take the time to seek professional help at your earliest convenience. Where it is found that a director knew the company was insolvent and did not put the interests of the creditors first, there is the possibility for charges of wrongful trading. Where a director owes money this will be treated exactly the same as any other debt of the company and need to be repaid.

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Where a director cannot repay the loan, there is sometimes the possibility anc negotiating a lower ane amount, but this depends upon the particular case. All Employees will be made redundant Since liquidating a limited company involves aand end of the firm in its entirety, this also includes all employees. Where directors have built a successful, close-knit and loyal workforce this can be one of the most painful aspects of insolvency proceedings. For a free confidential meeting to discuss liquidating a company please contact us on eitheror use the live chat feature and we will be happy to take you through your options.

Please share this article if you feel others would benefit from it. Dissatisfied creditors may put pressure on these liquidators to highlight even the smallest of mistakes. However, when voluntary, company directors have more say over the liquidation process.

This will help protect them from any harsh wrongful trading accusations and even personal liability claims. When the commencement of liquidation begins, there are many benefits for the company and its employees, not least the relief it can bring. Firstly, outstanding debts are written off and legal action against you is halted. Monies owed to creditors and staff will be covered by the sale of assets, if possible, and as the director you are now free to continue with further business ventures.

This is also the case with premises and machinery andd it can be difficult for someone who made their living in a very small company to continue in the same way. The process can also take some while and it is fair to say for many people this can be a difficult and stressful time. Whilst it is true that the debts attach to the company and not the individual, the personal feelings of failure and shame can be difficult to cope with. Part of the duties of the liquidator is to make a full and complete investigation of the affairs of the company.

A liquidating company Pros of cons and

This of course can be difficult and examining things in hindsight may feel accusatory. As such valuable assets may be broken up and the opportunity to use them in future business enterprises lost. One way to prevent this may be the use of a Pre Pack solution. Productive employees and teams may be lost The liquidator will make all the employees of the company redundant. As such it is likely that experienced teams and individuals will scatter. This may then make the rebuilding of a new business difficult if similar skills are required. If the liquidator feels that the directors may have acted improperly this will be made known to the Insolvency Service.

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