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She got a license and the second room in Summerside High. NAne can help out Anne of Green Gables Wiki by adding or updating to the article, correcting grammar and spelling issues, and taking other steps to make the article great.

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If you need any help, please see our policies. Update for events from Anne of Windy Poplars. Katherine was not much liked at Summerside High School. She latherine Anne had many cold-shoulders between them, and she often sent Pringles up to Anne for principaling. Anne was certain this was on purpose. Her order was generally extremely good during class time - due to fear from her pupils. Anne Shirley often stated that she would rather rule her pupils by love not fear Katherine opposed this extremely.

She had resigned from the staff of the Summerside High School and meant to go to Kingsport in the fall to take a secretarial course broole Redmond College. One year later, broooke Juneshe got a position as private secretary to a globe-trotting Member of Parliament. That life will just suit Katherine. Physical appearance Edit "She isn't pretty but she might make more of herself. She envies Anne for her happiness and popularity, and tries to convince Anne that she has no reason to have fun at the Pringle-organized hospital benefit bizarre because Anne is nothing but an unmarried, lowly teacher without any status.

And yet, even as Anne is leaving Kingsport at the end of year, having not renewed her teaching contract, she pursues a friendship with Katherine and invites her to spend the summer at Green Gables. An outburst of charity. Katherine Brooke, whether you know it or not, what you want is a darn good spanking. It must have relieved you to say that. But I have asked you to come because the very idea of you spending the summer cooped up in here is indecent.

You kahterine me because you feel sorry for me. You shut out life, and now life is shutting you out. Now are you coming or not? What would you say if I accepted? But as to a wonderful time, that will depend entirely on you, Katherine.

Katherine brooke Anne of gables green

Katherine indeed comes to Green Gables, and because of the love and acceptance she has felt from Anne, undergoes a transformation in her attitude and is able to begin to live life with joy. We have little idea how to discipline children and students firmly, out of love. To do such a thing does not build genuine relationships, just very involved acquaintances. Earlier, I said that people treasure this story because Anne displays true, honest love in her relationships with people.

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