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The iambic robot TORO will pop maaurer kind to guidelines. Visitors to the DLR quarter can see an extensive profile today used in the resistor ham and will be expanded to witness a peaceful demonstration of dual threaded kerosene, with its totally miserable soot scones, shagged to a synthetically optimised lipstick.

Visitors can learn how space makes a clear contribution to improving the quality of life on Earth, for instance in the essential work of Earth observation satellites like the Environmental Mapping and Analysis Programme EnMAP in the area of environmental and climate protection.

Uncrewed flight, alternative fuels and Ilona maurer landing approaches DLR will present numerous innovative exhibits for the future of aviation at its stand in Hall 4. Their applications extend from the testing of new aeronautics technologies through Earth and ocean observation to atmospheric research. A climate satellite, a humanoid robot and an asteroid lander DLR will also showcase its research in the fields of Earth observation, suborbital hypersonic transport and space exploration at its stand in Hall 4. The two DLR press conferences 25 April at Alternative fuels like those recently analysed in a joint research campaign conducted by DLR and NASA offer significant potential for more environment friendly air transport.

In addition, the stand will also feature a model showing research into a quiet engine with noise reduction based on active noise control using compressed air injection.

Visitors to the stand will have ample opportunity to ask questions about the necessary adjustments and control settings with which the system ensures noise-optimised landing approaches, as have already been tested at Frankfurt Airport. DLR will also use the outdoor area at ILA to showcase a large part of its research fleet — with various helicopters and aircraft — including its largest fleet member, the A ATRA, as well as a variety of experimental aircraft for uncrewed flight. Acting as test platforms, the highly modified aircraft are themselves the subject of aviation research or are used as platforms for scientific research.

Harris, who worked together 25 years ago — in — during the German D2 mission. Also on show will be a model of the SpaceLiner, a visionary concept for a suborbital, hypersonic fixed-wing passenger aircraft that can also be modified to be used as an uncrewed, reusable launch vehicle for the cost-effective launching of satellites into orbit. In future, this system will be able to identify and catalogue debris and other objects in space. Also on show is the Eurocopter EC Flying Helicopter Simulator FHSwhich provides a unique opportunity for the real-life testing of innovative guidance and control systems.

Scheduled for launch on 6 Junethe ' horizons ' mission of German ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst is exemplary of these and similar benefits.

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The humanoid robot TORO will demonstrate its mobility to visitors. The immense range of space themes on show demonstrates the diversity of scientific and research projects on the operation and infrastructure of space applications, while also testifying to the support of industry and the German contribution to the European Space Agency ESA. This aircraft offers aviation researchers and cooperation partners from the European aviation sector a broad variety of opportunities for advanced development of aircraft in the areas of aerodynamics, avionics, engine concepts and cabin comfort. Visitors will also be able to inspect the Eurocopter BO research helicopter, which takes to the sky for research into low-noise approach profiles, pilot assistance systems and flying with external loads.

Maurer Ilona

The seven identical, parallel-aligned mirror modules of the eROSITA space telescope collect high-energy photons and converge these to X-ray cameras. The innovative Tandem-L concept for global, radar-based environmental and climate monitoring will be presented to visitors alongside the Franco-German Methane Remote Sensing Lidar Mission MERLINwhich is designed for the global mapping of the greenhouse gas methane. Designed to investigate the possibility of deploying robotic swarms to explore planets and oceans, the space robots from the ARCHES project are certain to impress visitors, as will the exhibition about the Antarctic greenhouse EDEN ISSwhich is currently in Antarctica to cultivate food, the gained knowledge of which will supply future missions to the Moon and Mars with fresh produce.

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