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No, it's not the place for me. It seems like most houses here were built before the s, so say goodbye to modern interior amenities. Grocery shopping on your bike can be a hassle. Because it's oftentimes so cloudy here, pollution tends to settle over the land.

Nijmegen Love sucking in

One second the sun is shining, the next it's pouring cats and dogs — this drove me crazy! Filing for taxes can also be a bit confusing as you have to go through the Dutch tax bureau Belastingdienst which can be time-consuming and frustrating. What do you think about living in the Netherlands as an American expat? Unless you're in the Amsterdam shopping area, most stores close at 6 pm during weekdays and weekends. I already live there. Red Light district in Amsterdam. Most waiters make much more than minimum wage, so they have less incentive to deliver the best possible service. Need I say more?

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The roads are small and narrow nijmefen parking is a nuisance. The government takes good care of its students by offering them generous financial aid packages. The country lags behind in terms of sustainability Inonly 5. Maybe it's because much of what is prohibited in other countries is legal here and easily accessible.

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