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Athletes must play to the best of their abilities, to provide for fair coayton equitable competition, and must adhere to sportsmanlike conduct. The new medical form procedures include an assessment of symptoms of adverse neurological effect that replaces the x-ray examination requirement.

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If the athlete does not have these symptoms, then he or she may be cleared 7537 participation by a Licensed Medical Professional. If the athlete does have symptoms, then he or tz may only participate if the athlete receives a thorough neurological evaluation from a physician qualified to state that the cause claayton those symptoms will not result in additional risk casuao neurological injury due to sports participation clagton certifies that the athlete may participate. The athlete of the parent or guardian of a minor athlete must sign an informed consent document that acknowledges they have been informed of the findings and determinations of the physician.

Until all athletes have been screened using the new neurological method, the neurological status of athletes that have only been screened by x-ray is unknown. Precautions will still need to be taken for these athletes. This document only has to be signed once upon the athlete's initial registration with Special Olympics Texas, unless guardianship changes and the the Release must be signed again by the new guardian. Athletes can still sign as their own guardian if they are 18 and represent themselves. Athletes who are currently competing will not have to have the Release resigned but will be considered compliant based on the current release that is on file.

Athletes, parents and or caregivers only will complete the first three pages of the form.

Physicians will complete the fourth page during the physical examination. The fifth page will only be used if a referral is necessary. For the majority of athletes, the completed form will be only the first four pages. The fifth page is only for the limited number of people not initially cleared to participate. A form is considered complete if the appropriate medical practitioner signs the medical form and indicates that the athlete is cleared for participation, and the form reflects all the necessary signatures. Medical professionals approved to sign the form are as follows: The purpose of the new medical form is to provide a clear and accurate health history. Every athlete will need a doctor to review their medical status and sign page 4 every 3 years.

No doctor's signature is required. These athletes, if training under the umbrella of a school district or other agency, and are not traveling to train outside their school or agency, do not need to have a medical release form on file. They must, however, be registered via the Athlete in Training Roster. If confidentiality is an issue, then the first name and last initial of the athlete may be used instead of the full name. The head of delegation must include the athlete's date of birth, gender and sport in which they are training. This form can be found on page B These athletes will be registered via a roster form. The form can be found here as a pdf and here as a Word document.

Athletes who are eligible to participate in the Young Athletes program may not continue to be eligible for Special Olympics competition once they have reached their potential developmental level. If this is the case, the athlete will be able to hold other roles within Special Olympics such as: Athlete Code of Conduct Written by athletes the intent of the Code of Conduct is to provide behavior guidelines and set expectations for athletes. As representatives of the organization, athletes should always conduct themselves in a positive manner; exhibit respect for others and have positive interpersonal relationships; and be honest, trustworthy and courteous on and off the field of play.

Participation may be suspended or revoked if an athlete is found to behave in a significantly inappropriate manner. Upon entering Special Olympics Texas as an athlete Feee the organization, the coach should review and have the athlete sign the form if im. At that time, the coach should explain what the consequences are of the athlete not following the Code of Conduct. Clayto Code of Conduct Agreement needs to be signed only once while the athlete participates with any given team. If the athlete changes teams, the Code of Conduct should be reviewed with the new coach, consequences explained and the Code of Conduct Agreement signed again.

The Athlete Code of Conduct Agreement should be kept on file by the head coach or head of delegation. Volunteering with Special Olympics Texas Special Olympics Texas would not exist today and could not have continued for more than 45 years without the time, energy, dedication, and commitment of tens of thousands of volunteers throughout the state of Texas. Volunteer Expectations As a volunteer, you are expected to Fulfill the responsibility of your assignment: Carry out all aspects of your assignment. Attend all required meetings.

Notify the volunteer coordinator if you cannot complete an assignment. Set an example for the athlete: Refrain from smoking, consuming alcohol or using profanity when acting as a volunteer. Be discreet in your personal relationships with the athlete and avoid any behavior which may be misunderstood or misinterpreted. Be helpful to and supportive of everyone associated with Special Olympics. Support the decisions of referees, judges and committees, and use proper dissent processes. Be respectful during ceremonies and help your athletes be the same. Praise the athletes for their efforts and encourage them to be happy for the success of other athletes.

Support and encourage other volunteers and staff.

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Be continually vigilant and cognizant of the safety of the athlete: Never leave an athlete unchaperoned. Be loyal to your commitment and to Special Olympics: Look for constructive ways to overcome obstacles. Stephanie, United States of America the front desk was wonderful, and gave me a non smoking room for the cheaper price of a smoking room because she saw that I had my toddler with me. Christine, United States of America Nice and clean. Better than I expected from the area. Tammera, United States of America Staff friendly and helpful. Linens and towels clean, as was the room.

This place had a lot of value for the money. Donna, United States of America We were there because my husband officiated a few basketball games over 2 days. I usually like to stay in high end hotels, but that would've defeated the purpose of coming down. The price was so low I thought we were going to stay in a roach motel, but no! It is older, but taken care of. Clean, friendly service, they called a few days ahead to make sure we were coming. If he had to work down there again ,I would definitely stay.

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