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The wick is left in place for 24 to 72 h or may fall out on its ownafter which time the swelling may have receded enough to allow the instillation of drops directly into the canal. Severe external otitis or the presence of cellulitis extending beyond the ear canal may require systemic antibiotics, such as cephalexin mg po qid for 10 days or ciprofloxacin mg po bid for 10 days. Fungal external otitis requires thorough cleaning of the ear canal and application of an antimycotic solution eg, gentian violet, cresylate acetate, nystatin, clotrimazole, or even a combination of acetic acid and isopropyl alcohol. However, these solutions should not be used if the tympanic membrane is perforated because they can cause severe pain or damage to the inner ear.

Repeated cleanings and treatments may be needed to fully eradicate the infection. Dry ear precautions eg, wearing shower cap, avoiding swimming are strongly advised for both external otitis and fungal external otitis. A furuncle, if obviously pointing, should be incised and drained. Incision is of little value, however, if the patient is seen at an early stage.

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Topical antibiotics are ineffective; oral antistaphylococcal antibiotics should be given. Analgesics, such as oxycodone with acetaminophen, may be necessary for pain relief. Dry heat can also lessen pain and hasten resolution. Prevention External otitis often can be prevented by applying a few drops of a 1: The alcohol helps remove evaporate water, and the vinegar alters the pH of the canal. Use of cotton swabs or other implements in the canal should be strongly discouraged. Key Points Acute external otitis is usually bacterial pseudomonal ; fungal causes are less likely and cause more itching and less pain. Severe pain with pulling on the pinna suggests acute external otitis.

Under close and direct visualization, gently remove infected debris from the canal with suction or dry cotton swabs. Do not irrigate the ear.

For mild cases, apply acetic acid and hydrocortisone drops. These cysts can also meia in the and posterior fossa brain cavity. Click on Pictures to Enlarge Mural Cholesteatoma: The picture on the right shows a small skin cyst on the eardrum tympanic membrane and a second one on the anterior canal wall. These cysts can be congenital but also can form from trauma. Click on Pictures to Enlarge Eardrum Perforation: Repair of eardrum holes can be accomplished with an operation called a " tympanoplasty ". Click on Pictures to Enlarge This picture shows a dry central perforation though which the tympanic nerve can be seen.

The tympanic nerve is part of a nerve plexus which transmits impulses that controls salivary secretion.

Click on Pictures to Enlarge This picture shows a marginal perforation of the eardrum. Squamous epithelium pis skin Otitiss the outside of the body has grown into the middle ear through the perforation. This emdia shows an eardrum with a large perforation and a chronically infected middle ear. The manubrium part of the malleusoutermost middle ear bone, which is attached to the eardrum is attached nedia the promontory the medial wall of the middle ear of the middle ear and the mucosa lining of the middle ear is inflamed.

Click on Pictures to Enlarge Healing Perforation: Shown on the right is a freshly healed perforation with a reparative granuloma over the previous perforation site. Click on Pictures to Enlarge Traumatic Perforation: Trauma is a common cause of an eardrum perforation. It is important to note if the patient is dizzy. An audiogram should also be obtained, since this will help determine if there is damage to the inner ear and middle ear bones. If due to a water injury, i. Treatment usually consists of a ten day course of antibiotics. After the acute infection, serous ear fluid may persist for weeks.

The picture to the right shows an eardrum which is markedly inflamed and has pus in the middle ear.

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