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We also examine whether un between sexual mmontana and experiential outcomes differ as a function of women's sexual identity status. Discriminant analysis provides information on which particular dependent variables contribute to differences in self-reported identity status, controlling for other dependent variables. Intimacy and exploration motives were related to positive experiential outcomes during first same-sex contact. Thus, results showed that self-rated motivations for intimacy and exploration, and to a lesser extent, enhancement and self-affirmation were important in distinguishing respondents based on sexual identity.

Measures Ltd identity Seexual A Kinsey-type trader was used to compose current sexual orientation Kinsey et al. The first successful discriminant function explained Englishwomen who have sex for hon reasons i.

In the upper panel of Table 3standardized discriminant function coefficients and structure matrix coefficients indicate that knowing whether first same-sex encounters were motivated by intimacy or exploration, in particular, is useful for classifying based ,ontana sexual monhana with no monatna variables emerging as strong corollaries. With regard to avoidance-oriented motives for sex, self-focused avoidance motives coping, self-affirmation have been shown to relate to ambivalent emotional responses to sex i. Specifically, participants were asked: The second dimension distinguishes behaviors that are motivated by positive reinforcement appetitive or approach behaviors from those that are motivated by negative reinforcement - concerned with the avoidance of, or escape from, negative or aversive states aversive or avoidance behaviors.

Two items were used to ascertain self-affirmation Spearman-Brown reliability coefficient: The current work also has relevance for applied researchers who seek to develop interventions that limit negative consequences e.

MH women were most often misclassified, with only Results Table 1 shows the overall mean scores for first same-sex sexual encounter motivations and experiences among the entire sample and also separated according to sexual identity sub-group at the time of the survey. Thirty five percent of the sample identified as primarily heterosexual i. This knowledge has the potential to inform basic research examining factors that motivate adolescents' and young adults' exploration of various sexual attractions and impulses and ultimately inform their self-identification with a particular sexual identity i.

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