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He sounded so sad. He told me that night that I would be his girl. Although mostly recognized for his roles as older male characters 30she does just as good of a job when voicing characters in high school, in their twenties, or simply any handsome, mature male character. When I came back to bed I noticed the condom was broken. He never showed up…never called, never answered my calls or texts and that was that…Am I crazy? But there was no way I was going to sleep with him that night, and I told him I wanted us to get to know each other a little better and I also made sure to let him know he was really good at what he was doing.

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Do you feel like you learned something interesting here? He lkwer outside and stood at my front door. I asked him what the deal was and he said it was his cousin. Do you think he took offense to this or is he just a dog? But I had already given myself to somebody, and I figured why not get some more of him? I told our friend to have him call me on my phone. I went down on him to try and fix the situation and ended up rinsing the numbing solution off the condom in the sink…ugh embarrassing!!

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He sent me a text and said he wanted to see me, that we gabwelp do whatever I wanted. Do you have any favorite character played by him? I saw condom boxes all over…I got mad and realllllllllly wanted to do me. They are the most miserable risk adverse pricks you can find in any firm.

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