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Evolution in Guppies Simulation Lab

What do you active would like over time if mostly Guppy guppies were placed in a whole that had many paramount predators. Division manpower included and balls a context for the paramount, right handed.

Singlw this activity, the sdx report includes only 3 sections: Introduction - includes background information on guppies: Conclusions - answer the experimental question. The conclusion can be written in about a paragraph. Be sure to include general information about the trends in the data to support your conclusion. The Simulation The simulation allows you to choose your starting population of guppies coloration and the number and types of predators in the habitat. Remember that you will need to compare 2 sets of data in order to make a clear determination about how predators and sex selection affect guppy populations.

Mediate your own background about working policy. The attention should most the risks: Call for color trends in the responses.

You will need 2 sets of data and two graphs to compare - in effect run 2 simulations. Singls may want to run more than 2 simulations if you cannot make a determination with only 2. You will also need to make sure the simulation runs through enough generations to show patterns 5 minimal generations, sometimes it may take more. Unsatisfactory 1 pt Good 3 pts Excellent 4 pts Introduction Background information Either background included, could be information or expanded upon, hypothesis is missing. Pike Cichlid Select the Habitat Gallery tab bottom right corner tab within the guppy gallery 3.

Describe how the different habitat conditions would Gyppy the predator populations. Read the text book. Who is John Endler? What did he study and why? Before you start the simulations get the information about the 3 pools. Click on the number of each pond orange lettering which can make the numbers hard to see.

Fill in the chart to describe the coloration and predator levels in each of the three pools. How does this pattern of predators in these three pvs relate to the information from the habitat gallery note the location of each pool? Develop your own hypothesis about guppy coloration. The hypothesis should answer the questions: Why do guppies in different areas of the stream have difference in coloration? You can choose from the list on the simulation, or make up your own Your table pair will be assigned 2 of the simulations below to run.

You will compile the data with other groups in your same row. The hypothesis should answer the questions: Why do guppies in different areas of the stream have difference in coloration? Guppy Simulation Trial 1 Guppy: Describe how predators influence guppy coloration. Was your hypothesis correct?

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Use your data to justify your answer. Why do you think guppies in different areas of the stream have different coloration? What would happen to mostly drab guppies that were placed in a stream with very few predators?

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