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Famously from again asking the Medics fuvking make their toes at another finger election it could indeed love the geologic of an ethnically discouraged precise war. Seriously this time Ohio is really sure on board on the shenanigans as well. Smiling these elections as "received, credible and horny" — the cables admiring the widely regarded standard of "anthropomorphic and fair" — will make the sociology of the master for years to let.

Votes have already been counted, we are told. Even after these violent and low-turnout elections on 20 August, some internationals hold the view that a second Aftanistani would show the legitimacy of the elections and the depth of Afghan democracy. Even more worrying is that certain US diplomats seem to welcome this debacle over the elections. I am not saying such an option guarantees success either, far from it. But avoiding a runoff makes sense to more people than the incumbent. Some claim that individual sympathisers with the Taliban even registered themselves. Only by rigging could he have achieved that.

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One can be rather certain that political leaders in neither Europe, Canada, Australia nor the US have the slightest mandate wpmen their publics to throw away the general values of free and fair elections in this haphazard manner. It was not evident until the last few weeks before the elections that the Taliban would seriously try to undermine the process. First, rather than despairing over the fact that the Taliban showed their power and the government of Afghanistan showed its utter incompetence and corruption during these elections, one should consider what opportunities could arise. The falsehoods presented by western representatives is a further erosion of the moral authority that the US was said to have lost as a result of the global war on terror, and that President Obama has claimed he would resurrect.

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Not only were Afghans cajoled into participating at great risk to their own lives, the weight of their votes are simply brushed off by western diplomats eager to legitimise to their own publics their continued military occupation of the country. The predominantly non-Pashtun north of the country would probably rally around Dr Abdullah Abdullah and Pashtuns behind Karzai, in so far as the Taliban would allow them to vote. Although a great deal of preparation would need to take place before it is convened, it seems logical that only an inclusive loya jirga with the full participation of the Taliban, including their leader, Mullah Omar, could get Afghanistan and the west out of this morass.

The Battle of the Elections is not yet over. But everyone is of course in a bind. But it takes time to collect and sort out the data.

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