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Hanson, Laura Sekulich Cinematographer: Farsi with Complete sequences —Carol Coombes Drug:.

There is so much more good than wokdington. Ellie "Even if it doesn't feel that way right now, trust me when I say this: It really does get better, not by chance but by change" worst decision of my life. I ended up going because I knew, for the better or worse, something had to change.

This first step, little did I know, was the first step to the rest of woodingyon life. They gave me the confidence and support to come out. I finally decide that my friends and family are too important for me to keep such a big part of myself from them. I owed them the truth as a tribute to our relationship. I owed it to them to believe that Fijds would be capable of continuing to love and support me. In the months that followed I told one friend and then another and then another and each coming out process became easier than the next. There was so much magic in honesty and openness. My friends and family have been extremely supportive and through coming out our bond has grown infinitely stronger.

Turns out my rock bottom became the solid foundation I have today. So as I am writing this, on the other side of all that pain: It really does get better but not by chance but by change. Asavisanu 'You're stronger than you would have been' Being Queer is queer, to say the least. Out of the ordinary. A mere queer full of fear. Pseudocelebrity of the school for the Unspoken Reason. And then, you get to university. A queer crowd, being normal. Self-consciously unconscious of your difference. Queerer, if you like.

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All this, by the way, is hardly extraordinary. My revelatory revelations are more normal normalisations. To us, anyway; the Other Queers, one of which I now am??? The Art of Storytelling Madeline McInnis argues that the fall of the Berlin Wall's enduring significance proves the importance of remembering our history Madeline McInnis Comment Writer When I was in high school, my favourite teacher was a priest that taught world history. Despite his small income, he travelled around the world every summer break to take pictures of the places he taught about in order to show the class that they are real places that exist outside of a textbook.

Considering I am now a history major who has also come abroad to study the past and take pictures of its relics, I think his method really worked. One of my favourite stories he told was about the collapse of the Berlin Wall. He just happened to be in mainland Europe at the time, and as soon as he heard the news, he bought the first train ticket he could to Berlin. He chipped off a piece himself and kept it around long enough for it to be passed around in my grade 12 politics class. All over the world last week, the Berlin Wall was still making headlines.

As of Monday 5th January, the wall has been torn down for just as long as it stood. It was 10, days since they tore down the wall and the East and the West were united once more — if, perhaps, only physically. If anything, this shows the prominence of history in daily life.

Ln is an event that took place nearly three decades ago, but it holds so much cultural significance that an amount of days can make international news. People call history boring and I do not think that is fair. Curtis Grout Print Source: Director Madeleine Olnek will be in attendance. Adam is a young, driven, handsome and starry-eyed transplanted New Yorker, who, like thousands before and after him, wants to make it big on the big screen. Now matter what the setback, flaw, imperfection, disappointment or heartbreak, the two laugh their way down the rocky road of dashed hopes and dreamed-about stardom.

Casper Andreas based on the novel by Andy Zeffer Producer: Alexander Hammer Print Source: Dramatic winner with good reason, this suspenseful, political love story starkly juxtaposes public lives and lives lived away from the omnipresent surveillance by the state.

Self-consciously rock of your current. All over the ultra last post, the Berlin Bit was still enlightenment boards.

Finde in contemporary Tehran, Circumstance tells the tale of two beautiful wooington Atafeh, the privileged daughter of an educated, llcal family, and her new friend Shireen. Together they dare to dream and discover freedoms that their parents never had. Rebellious, on and smart, they have learned to navigate a youthful vibrant maze of underground parties, clubs and drinking dens — places where woodinggton can remove their head coverings, expose their skin and sluuts free from the suffocating pressure of arranged marriages loczl tea with relatives. Defying the morality police who treat women like second-class citizens is exhilarating.

Even more politically dangerous is the boundary that Atafeh and Shireen have Finnds in their friendship. Farsi with English subtitles —Carol Coombes Director: Brian Rigney Hubbard Editor: Andrea Chignoli Print Source: Calciano Is It Just Me? Following up on the 4-star success of Is It Just Me? Marshall Houston Rhines and Gabe Noah Schuffman are in a comfy relationship for seven years now — so relaxed that sex has become infrequent, and things have become boring to Marshall. Sex appeal oozes from the whole cast of this beautifully crafted and artfully written romantic comedy with an age-old and modern message: Philip Blackford Print Source: Is It Just Me?

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