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Girld answer is Oloking. I have just mentioned that some posters have made these points, and some people on Twitter were making them sorry, but I am not going to link every single post — you can read the entire comments section here to find them and go by the few comments I have linked from Logan Moore… Go to Twitter if you want to see more. I am simply stating my opinion. Still, not liking women and not wanting them in gay porn is not the same as misogyny, which is what many people here have implied.

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Still, I must admit that I do agree with your assessment up to a certain extent. Personally, I am shocked by the arrogance and dishonesty of many porn models — Arad has at least tried to xrad himself by saying that this is a job, but Griffin Barrows, Logan Moore and The Ford have gone all out saying that people are talking bullshit and that our prejudices are preventing gay men who dream about having sex with women, from living their lives openly and healthily… Really? Not finding anything sexually gratifying about a vagina is not misogynistic. If you cited the harassment you are responding to it might help back up your points.

Do enlighten me, please. It seems like you are the one who is believing all people should fpr open to everything, as you are accusing others of. Ulf Raynor Absolutely correct, Men does. The closest to male interaction they have would be double anal or double vaginal penetration, which believe me, to the insecure straight male viewers, is a big issue, and they bitch and moan probably more about that than the commenters here have about the bisexual scene.

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