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Daisy is implausible that sadness can be snatched from even the utmost blonds of status. Too shirt for me.

All you need is an equal for support. She had to blink back tears once more, but this time, for entirely opposite reasons. Gosalina here also told Naked rosalina porn there's something she's just been dying to Naked rosalina porn ever since you arrived No time like the present, before you can talk yourself out of it! Besides, like I said before Rosalina noticed this, and decided porm she finally wanted in the loop. What do you mean? Peach, why are you so red? Unable to resist, she relented, and with a deep breath, steeled her nerves and placed her hands on Rosalina's shoulders again. Close your eyes, okay? Seconds later, Rosalina rosalinaa a little when she felt a slick, massaging wetness on her lips.

However, Rosalia hands held her in place, leaving her unable to escape this new, foreign feeling. Her promise was instantly forgotten, her eyes shot open, and the sight before her, while not a bad thing at all, was the last thing she'd expected. Closer than Rosalina had ever allowed anyone, right now. This was something Rosalina recognized. This was a kiss. A goodnight kiss, just like the ones she vaguely remembered receiving as a child, and just like the ones she clearly remembered giving the Lumas on several occasions. But at the same time Those kisses were quick and fleeting; a momentary reminder of affection. The one Peach was giving her-and still giving her, even now-communicated something much deeper.

And something, Rosalina was surprised to realize While this was going on, Daisy took the chance to undo the sash to Rosalina's robe. Once opened, the front of the garment fell open to both sides, revealing a small amount of the spacefarer's bare body, still in underwear. The night breeze swirled around the three young women once more, blowing against their robes and cooling their bodies. This time, Rosalina didn't care. The kiss continued, with herself and Peach both relaxing into each other, letting slip slow moans in unison. Daisy looked on, a fluttering sigh escaping her lips. I used to dream about stuff like this. You mean Peach was your first kiss?

Now I'm kind of jealous. Every person you share one with is a brand new experience. I think you might learn things from Daisy that you couldn't from me. I only hope I can measure up Indeed, where Peach's kisses were tender, Rosalina found Daisy's to be entirely energetic.

Where Peach's kisses were feather light, sometimes barely brushing against her, rosaoina was Named time Rosalina was not fully aware of Daisy's presence, no time she didn't feel Daisy's lips hotly pressing against her own, along with the rest of her body in kind. Far more so than with Peach, Daisy was in control of this kiss, and it was all Rosalina could do just to ride things out. None of this was unwelcome; simply overwhelming in sensation, warmth, even smell. While Peach often carried the aroma of an orchard in the spring, Daisy, this close, held the faint scent of a summer garden about her.

She pondered on this for a few seconds, and decided that it both fit and that she liked it. She'd just gotten used to Daisy's technique when Daisy decided to make things more interesting. Her tongue moved insistently between Rosalina's lips, and Rosalina, acting purely on reflex, parted them to allow it access She gave a sharp moan of surprise She was being seductively tickled from the inside; a shudder rippled through her as she clenched Daisy's robe lightly for support.

Each ported became apparent a good harder than the last, and more her boyfriend rapidly shocked. Stunningly after I have to pay her.

It wasn't until Daisy was satisfied that she let go of Rosalina, leaving the latter literally breathless. That was an experience I won't soon forget. Thank you, both of you You've done the same to me porm. And you," she said, risalina at Rosalina, "you're not too bad yourself, sister! Sweet enough for me to want to keep going with this. I think I am We're all going to need some room. Her earlier blend of curiosity and nervousness returned, written clearly on her face. Maybe we're moving too fast? Do you think we should call this all off?

Please, whatever you wish to share with me I am more than willing. I have so much to thank the both of you for already The two of you, however She reached around with both hands, felt around for a certain spot, then looked at Rosalina in a silent request. Rosalina nodded after the tiniest of pauses. Peach nodded back, and undid the clasp to Rosalina's bra, looking into her friend's eyes the whole time. On our honor as princesses, I promise that we will do everything in our power to prove ourselves worthy of the titles you have bestowed. She completely removed Rosalina's bra, and the two earthbound princesses followed with theirs.

Don't be scared, okay? It was hard to help; besides herself in front of her bedroom mirror on literally tens of thousands of nights, these were Naksd very first people in Naaked entire universe to witness her matured body so close to nude She actually considered being self-conscious about the difference in their endowments, but stopped short when she noticed Daisy staring intently at her chest. Before she could ask why, Daisy read her mind. They definitely fit you. You see, here in Sarasaland, we want all of our guests to feel as comfortable rosapina possible When she felt four soft hands sliding over her bare skin, caressing her thighs, her torso, her NNaked And then the kisses began again.

Her breath fluttered, and her body squirmed as she felt them everywhere. She was learning quickly roaalina Peach and Daisy's mouths were one of their greatest features, whether for uttering royal speeches, whispering words of comfort NNaked looked to one side, saw-and felt-Daisy kissing a trail from just below her breasts, lower to her hips, and-oh my! She looked Naked rosalina porn the other side, and saw Peach moving in the opposite direction. Warm, wet lips and tongues tickled and rosaliina her everywhere they could, sending shocks of pleasure poen Rosalina's body, enough so that she hardly noticed that Peach was already pressing into to her, velvet skin rubbing against her, cuddling her tightly, tonguing and Nakde away at her neck And as all of this took place, Peach took the time to speak quietly, happily, into her ear: Rosalina cried out, her body once again overwhelmed-not just with passion, not merely from physical lust or ecstasy, but in sheer joy and appreciation of her companions.

She placed a hand on each of their heads, urging them to stay where they were, to not stop, rosalona if the universe were Naked rosalina porn end right now, to never stop what they were doing! Fortunately for her, neither had plans to, and each princess's mouth would play with the breast under it until its owner was satisfied. Both of them brought vastly different, Naied equally welcome styles to providing Rosalina the attention she deserved. Peach possessed a soft, massaging feel to her tonguing of Rosalina's left breast, quietly and lovingly kissing it while eagerly painting the areola and the surrounding area with a glistening sheen.

Daisy, meanwhile, licked firmly, licked fast, licked a lot Her tongue swished back and forth like a hungry child who'd finally found the sweetest candy in the store, unable to get enough. In truth, it reminded Rosalina quite a bit of the kisses they'd shared before they'd started this Given how well they worked as a team, she was finally beginning to understand the true nature-and depth-of Peach and Daisy's bond of friendship. It was a bond she could respect, if she could focus on any of her thoughts at the moment. Instead, she could only moan more as her nipples hardened, and new, interesting, wonderful, exciting lustful sensations rippled across her body, over and over, until their novelty subsided, and she could finally ride their waves.

Daisy could soon sense Rosalina getting used to the feelings This was a good thing, but it was far too soon for her tastes. It looked as if their guest was finally ready. Leaving the breast it had been tending to, Daisy slid her right hand down the length of Rosalina's body She rubbed one finger over them, being not surprised in the least when it gathered moisture. As much attention as they'd been giving her already, Rosalina had certainly been wet for quite some time. Wondering how much she could help things along, Daisy rubbed the spot a bit more firmly this time, and for a bit longer.

When she saw Rosalina react with brand new moans and a stiffening of her whole body, Daisy simply smiled. It was time to bring back old memories. Memories of a beautiful blonde lying below her on a bed, constantly whispering, and then joyfully shouting, the name of her brand new lover. The nostalgia was not lost on Peach, either, and she decided to give this new blonde an opportunity she hadn't had herself She moved up to lay at Rosalina's side, clasped her hand with a gentle squeeze, and asked, "Still with us, Galaxy Goddess? I won't," Rosalina whimpered through labored huffs. The cry that Rosalina let out when she did so probably could have been picked up by the Observatory.

For Daisy, this was also good. She rubbed, ground, and swirled her finger around that area, relishing her comrade's obvious appreciation of every single action; moans that grew higher in pitch; the undulation of her body under Daisy's expert attentions To think that this was what she'd been missing, during centuries of dedicating herself to her work, almost completely alone She was, however, grateful for the chance to finally relax from this wonderful, but tiring experience Her eyes opened wide. It was now Daisy at her side, and she could feel Peach pulling her wet panties off of her, leaving her, finally, completely naked.

But as you'll quickly see, there are times when Peach is absolutely heavenly with her mouth Then her world melted as something-warm and slippery-rolled across the entire junction of her thighs. Within seconds, she knew what it was Peach's kisses were definitely of the same soft, tender and loving nature that she had experienced twice now, but the effects they had when applied to her upper and lower lips could not have been more different. A thousand times, yes! If these feelings were to last forever, she would still never tire of them. Rosalina's nether regions were lightly tufted, and Peach found that not only was licking those strands like licking silk itself, but so sensitive was Rosalina that she reacted even to this.

This gave Peach an idea She worked on the outer areas of Rosalina's crotch first, being sure to lap up any trace of the first orgasm Rosalina had experienced. Then, in a rough spiral, she swirled her tongue, working her way inward Daisy, who had been studying Peach's tongue movements, gasped at what she saw, then looked back at Rosalina with a smile as she caressed her hair. She's never done that with me.

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Christmas Pics 5 Daisy couldn't help but tease Roslina some more.

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