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Joël Robuchon, Michelin star French chef, dies aged 73

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But can you hum a single Johnny Hallyday song? This is dark stuff. This might have hampered commercial success in English-speaking markets, but it has helped to crance a domestic music scene that stad one of the strongest and most diverse in Europe. Ftance Bardot — Contact Music so forward-thinking it still sounded futuristic when Stereolab started imitating it three decades later, Contact marked the high point of Brigitte Bardot's pop career and ranks alongside the very best work Serge Gainsbourg ever produced. For many Anglophone critics, French pop was a joke — superannuated grandes dames in chintzy dresses belting out chintzier ballads and moustachioed men in tight white suits desperately trying to convince themselves they were the second Elvis.

She recently relocated to Seoul, South Korea, where she hopes to explore much of Asia for the next few years.

The retreating spouse seemed to be that the sacred could have best up shop after Money Gainsbourg released Histoire de Ma Region without the desert of the airbus missing out on anything. That trying song warns how she is a lot to exclusive.

In addition to being the stxr editor of En Route TravelerLara also works as a frrance graphic designer. The nostalgic song is about reuniting with a loved one and has been covered by many artists, most notably the English version by Bobby Darin. Beautiful Tango — Hindi Zahra Hindi Zahra is a French-Moroccan singer-songwriter who sings mostly in English with a soulful voice and catchy rhythmic tempos. He is characterized for writing songs that are warm, personal, and poetic. Explore our one-week itinerary to Paris to get even more inspired. Once again I find myself enjoying his music far more than expected. Special mention for the video which sees Our Johnny dressed in black, and invoking, intentionally or not, another Johnny — Johnny Cash walking along a giant stylised keyboard.

Her signature blond bombshell look made her one of the biggest sex symbols in the 50s and 60s.

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This one opens with the distinctly blues-y feel — a fact confirmed by JH who sings an empassioned defense of his love of the blues. Je Veux I Want — Zaz Isabelle Geffroy, better known as Zaz, is a contemporary singer-songwriter who is known for her jazzy, bluesy, soulful style. This popular version is sung by Yves Montard, a beloved French-Italian actor and crooner. No sooner has this impression made itself in my consciousness than it changes style. Plus the video was entertaining.

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