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Fifa World Cup No Marriex can be happy about being in love with a man who is married and has a little child. Riley, then 22, got the gig and a wardrobe of tiny figure-hugging dresses to match. I was also nervous about the epilepsy, the fans watching me do the gig scenes and, of course, the love scene.

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They make for an odd pairing, but somehow, unfathomably, it works. We met in London and talked a lot about the script. Having to get the 5. What was it like falling in love with Riley on and off screen? Annik has always been a very decent person.

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As a newcomer to the acting world, what kind of preparation did you do for this role? The problem fo she believes everything she afvair on the internet. Riley, however, a devoted Manchester United fan, was ruled by her head rather than her heart and was therefore under few illusions that England will be sweeping to glory, much as we might like them to. Life is complicated and no one deserved this outcome. He is a very warm person.

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