How much does a underwater welder make a hour

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Average Underwater Welder Salary

Working contact us on projects stalls to the property welding and fisting profession in different. Reply 4 Will Go 3, at 7:.

Diving jobs that call for complex and more dangerous equipment translate to a higher pay for the diver that hoour up. Sheltered No More Typically, the further from the coast, the less emergency medical services may be available. Of course, almost all oil rigs and large ships will have the basic first aid and diver emergency equipment for you. This may be reflected in your overall underwater welding salary. Making Bank in Overtime Pay Trading time for money? Dealing especially with offshore diving, underwater welders make bank with overtime on big projects.

Working long hours on projects applies to the entire welding and construction profession in general.

Coastal areas, international waters and other countries all have different guidelines and payment. A commercial diver who q quality welds will increase their hpur and salary for future projects. The more an underwater welder is willing to relocate, the greater their potential income. Great great money but man, the risk is too high for my blood. I admire those who go all out though! Reply 44 MoneyPerk August 15, at Some of the top jobs were real estate broker, air traffic controller, construction manager, and I thought I would just share that here because they were very similar.

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Some of these jobs underwafer require some sort of education though, but not a degree that would most likely get you into massive amount of debt! Umch traffic controller is considered the most stressful job in the world. A mistake may not kill you like it will in underwater weldingbut will kill somebody else instead. A real estate broker is an independent contractor that is largely dependent on the state of the economy. And as far as construction manager, nobody starts out as a construction manager. Then you work your way up to foreman after a few years to a decade.

Reply 19 Amy August 12, at Find 50 Kristan Knot 5, at Photos gay her life in agile ocean locations throughout the popular.

Then you are a foreman for a very long bour and possibly never make it to construction manager. Money August 18, at 1: Edward Antrobus — Agreed. If so, I want to hear more: Reply 48 Heather Hor 24, at Money August 24, at 9: Reply 50 Kristan February 5, at Money February 6, at 4: If you end up becoming one, let us know how it goes later on! Would love to hear more. Reply 52 Dan April 2, at 3: Of course, saying underwaer is as misleading as this article, considering it could take months to make that sale. Money April 3, at 2: Hnderwater these gotta be put into perspective. Reply 54 Colin April 15, at 7: Work and you shall be rewarded.

Reply 55 designer chic July 23, at 6: So this article is a bit misleading. During the season, offshore saltwater welders can work 80 or more hour a week. The schedule is typically staggered - one week on with a few days off and then on again. After one or two months at sea, most welders will come back to shore for a break. Training The actual welding technique is the same as that used in any welding shop and takes roughly weeks to learn. Underwater diving in the ocean can take up to 6 months to learn. The most difficult part to learn is how to operate within a hyperbaric chamber at extreme depths with limited visibility.

This makes for a steep learning curve. Hazards Saltwater underwater welders operating in deeper water face more risks than those who work in shallower depths. The risk of narcosis impaired motor coordination and judgment becomes greater. The risks of explosions can be greater in deeper offshore underwater welding jobs due to the amount of fuel stored on offshore oil rigs and marine vessels. Pressurized gases in a deep-water, confined, dry chamber weld site can create erratic arc behavior, increasing the risk of electric shock or explosion. Additionally, if gases enter the chamber, the weld operator could suffocate.

Due to the buoyancy of saltwater, the diver has to carry more weight - almost double his own weight - than if he were diving in freshwater. They must possess a good head for the large machinery repair. Unlike inland diving, offshore welder divers must come in for the winter. Oceans are simply too perilous: Tidal waves, hurricanes and the like.

These formative years shape…or break you. Career Earning Percentiles Wanting specifics? Besides experience, underwater welders should be conscious of the other characteristics that increase your earnings.

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