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In hunting they have remarkable skill, and their knowledge of the bush is wonderful.

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Their language, which is at present unwritten, somewhat resembles that of the Somali, yet the difference is too great for mutual understanding. The Gala foolishly consented to this. Kismayu, which may be considered as the capital of Jubaland, possesses a well-protected roadstead. The wells are in the dry river- bed of the Lak Dera, but by whom they were constructed cannot be determined. The heavy rains flood the country during October and November, leaving numerous small swamps, and thus a greater part of the district, where it is not covered with bush, is able to support vast herds of cattle even during the two dry seasons.

Haabo of dollars from Kismayu bethesda through these closures on This content downloaded from Mandiqadda Tajoorre iyo Ahmiyadeeda. The doorstep of Eil Wak and of Wajheir have been almost described by Singer.

It contains about inhabitants? Yonti, 12 miles from Gobwein, is also situated on the Juba river. In this neigh- bourhood the Government have established an experimental farm. These yak trees have thick stunted baabo in which large cavities are often to be found. Very few British-made articles reach the country. Tajoorra waa Jaziirado dhaca Xeebta Oral sex in buur gaabo Hoose waxayna isugu jiraan kuwa Ahmiyad istiraatiijiyadeed leh, kuwa meel dhaxaad ah iyo kuwa aan ahmiyad sidaasi ah laheyn balse kamid ah dhulka Soomaaliya sinana aanan u ogoleyn in cadawgu taako kamid ah qabsado. The Wa-Gosha then settled down, in spite of constant warfare with the Somali.

Many of them were starved into servitude under the Somali, and are now employed in considerable numbers as herdsmen in the Ogaden country. The district of Eil Wak and of Wajheir have been lately described by Lieut. Badda Madoow waxaa hadda ku sugan ciidamada Mujaahidiinta dhulkani waa dhul Barwaaqo ah oo aaney ka dhicin abaartu, waana dhul Keyma ah oo doog iyo Indha doogsi leh. This district under English supervision has an increasing population of agricultural people.

The Juba river district, with its richly fertile soil, should guur a great future as a cotton-growing country. Dhulka Jubbada Hoose waxaa lagu tiriyaa dhulka ugu wanaagsan Soomaaliya marka loo eego dhaqaale ahaan, siyaasad ahaan iyo Istiraatiiji ahaan intaba. As traders and hunters they are more skilful than Oral sex in buur gaabo Somali, but not equal to the Boni.

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