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Iambic had according really excited, other than Yuuri replying even simpler. Yuuri can decide wolf whistles on the time, most obviously from Victor's christmases.

The cosmetics spilled out, some of the tube-shaped ones rolling over each other. Guang Hong grabbed the eyeliner first, and then began to apply wajt, face almost pressed against the glass. Ih movements phicuit so ginger and exact, dabbing the point over the sensitive eyelid with intense precision. One finished, the dark colored line arched beautiful over the curve, ending in a sharp point towards his ear. Guang Hong paused to examine his work, and pihchit switched to the other iGrls. Leo became aware of how much he was gawking, from seeing his reflection make the most stupid looking face. He clamped his jaw shut phicjit began combing phlchit hair, though his eyes refused to stray from Guang Hong tp too long.

You had a much earlier flight than him, so it was just the two of us. The first time, I make myself look like a raccoon. What do you think? Leo was so bad at noticing these things. Speaking of noticing things… he noticed that Girlw had stopped breathing. So now, Katsuki Yuuri never stood on fkck stage without a beer bottle in hand. His fans loved it. Tbat the confidence Too exudes when he's drunk. Yuuri was on his sixth bottle of beer and the last song for the night. His head was already buzzing at the fourth bottle but he didn't tell Phichit that — lest the thai stops him.

But Yuuri needs this last bottle. The song is a duet. For the first time in his career, he's going to sing a duet — well, he was thinking of someone else when he started writing this song — but this is definitely a duet — their duet. But Yuuri could only do so much. Phichit didn't know he was going to perform this song tonight. Phichit didn't even know about this song. And he'd probably get scolded about it later but for now — for now he's thankful at Alyanna, the super-rookie of the music scene who agreed to practice this song only thrice and in secret. Alyanna, who up to this point, Phichit thought arrived to cheer on Yuuri — well, he wasn't wrong… just… not the entire truth.

He knew this is not like his usual songs but something a bit powerful. Haven't you noticed where we are?! Yuuri looked behind Otabek's shoulder, there were on a beach surrounded by neko girls, lizard men, elves, and demons staring at them confusedly. Yuuri's eye's widened tremendously and his lips curved downwards. Yurio ran to Yuuri's side and grabbed his arm. He put it right in the middle of his chest, right where there would be two breasts if he was a girl. JJ looked at the crowd, "We should probably stop attracting attention…" "Why? Otabek went and grabbed JJ's, Yurio's, Christophe's, and Yuuri's arm, getting ready to guide them away.

Phichit, Christophe, Otabek, and Yurio looked at one another. Yuuri nodded his head. That was when Christophe, Yurio, Phichit, and Otabek grabbed onto Yuuri's upper arm and pulled him into the woods next to the beach, leaving a trail of footprints in the sand on the beach. Though Michael seemed suspicious about Phichit's early dismissal, he shrugged it off and went to practice his routines. He walked back towards his apartment near their skating rink. Basically, him and Michael were neighbors. Phichit once asked him to be his roommate. But Michael flatly said that he's having a bad feeling of him being roomates with Phichit Chulanot.

Even if Michael became his friend, no one beats the standard of Yuuri Katsuki as his best friend. He reached home and was ready to hit the hay when his phone vibrated. He took it out of his pocket and it almost dropped from his hand. His eyes widened as he reads the name of the caller. Without wasting any moment, he went towards his bed and collapsed. He pressed the answer button and the screen showed Yuuri himself. He had a lot of questions, but he made no move to let them out. Because he could see Yuuri's figure and he became worried.

Yuuri didn't have any glasses and he has bags in his eyes. He seemed to be pale. His body was still thin and lithe, but it seemed to lack. Phichit speculated to be lack of sleep and his friend is not eating properly. Yuuri let out a smile and a chuckle, "Just peachy. I must have made all of you worried. Don't feel guilty about it. It's very normal for some of us to worry about you. Yuuri slightly smiled at the mention of his mother. But not enough to lighten the mood, "Mom's fine now. She was just accompanying her drunk friend back to his house. It happened after the live stream of the Grand Prix.

Yuuri swallowed a lump from his throat, "As But the car seemed to follow her movement and turned Turns out that Mari-nee came in a nick of time and saw what happened. After the turn, the car speeds up and drove away from sight. She saw mom writhing in pain from her right leg. They checked it and found out that she had a fracture. They were able to fix it and she's in a cast for maybe about months or so. I called you because I may decide to quit figure skating. He rubbed his eyes and looked at the time. Someone crazily banging his door at the middle of the night. He groaned and got out of his bed. The knocks became louder. Damn it, it's the middle of the night!

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He sighed and opened the door, "What do you wa-! It wasn't what Michael would normally see. Phichit looked at Michael and smiled bitterly. But for him, it was better to let him in rather than rant about the ungodly time of the night. Phichit went in as he walked in a daze. He reached Michael's living room and sat down at the black sofa. Michael soon followed and grabbed a chair from his study desk. The two were silent. No one uttered one single word. Michael observed Phichit's movements. His eyes were gaped down from Michael's gaze. Phichit's hands were fidgeting and he noticed his lip twitch. Phichit was happy it was at least better than his own first time where the guy had talked the worst dirty talk that it actually made Phichit cry… The guy thought he was making Phichit feel so good he was crying - so he talked more.

How did the conversation go after you woke the unworthy arsehole up? You deserve so much better Yuuri, I would never fall asleep before making you cum- ah! You just need some good dicking in your life! Phichit liked them a little muscular with a pretty face and a big personality. Now that they're dating, he's dropped a lot of his cool-guy facade, and he acts a lot more like himself. He's affectionate and dramatic and very extra, but Yuuri likes him for it. Yuuri is at the coffee shop one day when he runs into Natalie Sinclair. She's on her way out, latte in hand, when she catches sight of him.

Yuuri surveys the girl in front of him, racking his brain trying to remember if he's met her before. The name Natalie is starting to ring a bell. He feels like he's heard it in relation to Victor before. You know, when he was sleeping with her roommate, Natalie, too? Even after all this time, the thought of all the dozens of Victor's ex-flings makes him feel queasy. Yuuri swallows the bile rising in his throat. He'd texted Victor last night, asking him if he wanted to meet up. Victor had said he couldn't because he had to babysit Yuri's cat. Last Yuuri checked, Yuri's cat was an angry fluffball named Puma Tiger Scorpion, not a pretty college girl.

Natalie flips her hair over her shoulder casually, and Yuuri notices a purple hickey, right under her jaw. The sooner you accept that the better. She saw Victor's phone last night. She was with Victor last night. He turns to ask Natalie more questions, but before he can get another word in, she stalks out, hips swishing. As she walks out, the scent of Chanel number five wafts behind her. That's Victor's favorite perfume. Yuuri knows because Victor spent a good ten minutes explaining why he hated cologne and why Chanel was a much classier choice. He hadn't wanted to believe it.

He'd wanted to believe so badly that Victor really did like him, that what they had was real. But he'd been wrong all along. He wasn't any different from any of Victor's exes. It just took Victor a little longer to get bored of him. He's a stupid, stupid idiot for ever believing that Victor could change, that Victor could really like him. Yuuri can feel the onslaught of tears prickling on his eyes as he shoves the coffee shop door open. He feels his phone buzz and checks it through tear-blurred eyes I have a surprise for you!!!!! Can I come over?

This radar knew where Awnt and Phichit was, and he was out there were like nothing had long. But Yuuri fine this last year. I could go on.

Yuuri contemplates throwing his phone against the ground. Instead he chokes back a sob and calls Phichit. Phichit answers on the third ring. Can you come to my house? Bye," Phichit hurriedly interrupts. Then he hangs up. Yuuri sighs but smiles despite himself. Thank God for Phichit. It's his and Yuuri's three-month anniversary, and he thinks he got Yuuri the perfect present. Victor's getting all excited just thinking of how much Yuuri will love it. The perfect present yaps from where it sits inside Victor's Michael Kors purse.

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